A top notch visual effects studio shows us what it’d be like if Minecraft were half real.

From the creators of videogame cheats in real life and other great videogame shorts comes something even more epic. Corridor Digital has put together a short live-action Minecraft movie trailer called Minecraft: The Last Minecart, complete with costumes made of cardboard boxes.

The video centers on two Minecraft characters named Niko and Sam trying to survive in a world filled with zombies and other Minecraft enemies. Corridor Digital used its visual effects prowess to overlay actual graphics from Minecraft onto the real world.

The effect is cute when it shows Niko and Sam using a workbench, but when they end up fighting zombies it becomes pretty damn impressive. Cardboard box-wearing actors are killed in sprays of pixelated blood, and then a Creeper enters and blows a Minecraft-esque hole in the world.

Thanks to pork chops, Minecraft: The Last Minecart even has a happy ending. Maybe not as happy as a Minecraft marriage, but definitely happier than a Minecraft fire.

Thanks The Zango!

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