If you’re tired of patiently waiting for the release of Alan Wake, you can patiently wait for its live-action prequel, instead.

Starting April 27th, fans will be able to watch Bright Falls, a live-action prequel that sets the scene for all of the eerie things that happen to the protagonist in Alan Wake.

Shot on site in Oregon and directed by award-winning Phillip Van, Bright Falls “will bring you to the edge of your seat and spur your curiosity with the same eerie and suspenseful cliffhangers as in the game.” Microsoft promises that the show will have a decidedly Twin Peaks feel to it, and actors Tom Noonan from Damages and Cooper Huckabee of True Blood fame will be making appearances.

Xbox Live members will be able to view the first two episodes on April 25; everyone else can watch it on April 27th at brightfalls.com. A new episode will be released each week, with a final two-parter on May 17th. Alan Wake is set to release in the US the very next day, on May 18th.

Additionally, a slew of goodies has been added to those who pre-order the game, including an “I am Awake” T-shirt for your Xbox Live avatar and a Bright Falls Xbox Live theme.

Yup – the trailer definitely captures that quirky, disturbing, and at times even charming Twin Peaks feel. Now, if only it had Kyle MacLachlan …

Source: Gaming Union

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