Game journalist. PR Rep. Games webcomic. Game magazine layout artist. Professional gamer. Publisher. Game master. Game box designer. Community manager. Game store owner. Game convention organizer. Game item database administrator. Gold farmer. Game guide writer. Game add-on developer. Machinima producer. Game tournament official. Fansite developer. Modder.

These are but a few jobs one can strive for – or create – to be a part of one of the most rapidly growing entertainment industries in the world. One need not be proficient in C++ or 3-D modeling to be a part of the game world.

Yes, there are those who argue you’re not a part of the industry unless you’re actually creating games, but I dare you to tell me exactly how outside of the industry a machinima producer is. Or perhaps the person who designed the image to the left of this writing is completely outside the industry. Or perhaps you have a favorite game, for which there’s a fansite full of game guides and walkthroughs. Are those people who make their living everyday talking about, writing, coding for and designing gaming accoutrement part of the industry?

Does it really matter?

They are doing what they love, talking about what they love, supporting what they love. Ostensibly, it’s also what you, our Good Readers, love. Many of you are already in the industry. Others are working toward being in the industry. Some like the idea of working in the industry, or in a job snuggled right up next to the games industry, but have no idea what or how.

This week’s issue of The Escapist is all about jobs in the industry, but not quite what we usually think about as industry. There are many paths you may take, many niches you might fill; after all, games are rapidly outpacing other forms of entertainment. Join us this week as we discover and chat with some lucky and enterprising people who’ve found these paths and niches. Perhaps you’ll be inspired.


Julianne Greer

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