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This week’s video was surprisingly technical for a video that has all of three cuts.

The first long shot was recorded with a GoPro HD Hero2 mounted to the windshield. Beej and Cam weren’t listening to a recording while they were doing it either – Paul was actually laying down in the back seat, reading through his monologue. This was so Beej and Cam had something to react to, and Paul could feel out his timing in a way he wouldn’t have been able to with a recording. While this probably wasn’t totally safe, let it never be said LoadingReadyRun crew members aren’t willing to do stunts!

While filming the video this way made life for Beej and Cam much easier, it made my life much harder once the editing began. In the finished product, the audio you hear of Paul was recorded back at the office, with effects added to it to make it sound like he was in the trunk. We did record audio in the car, but it was supposed to provide the sound of the car engine, doors, seatbelts and other ambient noise. However, the car audio recording also picked up Paul’s rough line reading in it, making long portions unusable. I was able to repeat a long section of car noise for most of the video, but the break in the middle where Beej and Cam get out of the car was a little rough. Most of those car door opening sounds had to be copied from the beginning of the video and precisely timed. Fortunately for me, Graham’s idea to add a quiet layer of Russian pop music to the whole car section covered a lot of that nonsense. You can find out how we did the car rolling into the ocean shot by watching the video.

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