Ever want to see what happens when we film an episode of Commodore Hustle? Well this week’s Loading Time has you covered – this week we take you behind the scenes of the the thrilling “room writing” process!

Marvel as we sit around and toss ideas back and forth to augment the framework of Graham’s script! Stand in awe as you watch Andy come up with French gibberish on the fly!! Swoon as Beej explains why he’s stuffing stuff into bags of stuff!!! Scream as your retinas burn from how danged bright my yellow pants appear to be on film (although in real life they’re a mustard yellow color, but this week’s behind the scenes video is really making me reconsider them … )!!!

So what is “room writing”? For us at least, it’s what we call the process where a bunch of us get together to bounce ideas around for a video. Typically videos are written by solo by either Graham, Paul or myself, but every couple of weeks we try to write a more collaborative video. Since we had to shoot something, but had no scripts that took advantage of Andy and Matt being in town for Christmas break, we had to hammer something out that morning. This week’s Loading Time also features Graham giving a brief explanation what sort of lenses we use to film Loading Ready Run videos, and how we create depth of field in our shots. If you’re a film or camera nerd or just interested in how we make comedy, you’re probably going to enjoy this video.

This week’s Trivia:

  • James really was taking a nap when we wrote this video. Matt was also absent from the writing portion of our filming day due to sleeping in late. Pro tip: LRR crew members are sleepy people.
  • Graham’s parents came in and saw our list of fake props and were briefly appalled until we explained why we needed stomach pump and some possibly legitimate vomit to film a video. Pro tip: Parents are not down with the voms.
  • Only wear yellow pants if you’re sure your legs won’t be onscreen. Pro tip: Yellow pants are very bright. Approach with caution.

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