This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Loop Hero and Everhood.

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Well, it’s March, so let’s March on down to Indie Game Square, crowded as ever with the permanent farmer’s market of Steam, where the barks of stallholders mingle with the squeals of poorly drawn anime girls getting violated and no one has glimpsed the sun since 2014. And what an appropriate month this is for our first game, Loop Hero, a game about March-ing. Marching around and around in a circle. Or rather, watching someone else march around and around in a circle while we occasionally fling them a new pair of trousers and dream silly silly dreams about what it would be like to be the one playing the video game. The premise is, you are a lone hero in a world that has been destroyed. Like, really, really thoroughly. Everything has been reduced to a void, it’s like watching network television at ten in the morning. All that remains is a single looping path, and all you can do is follow it and bit by bit remember the world as it used to be. Although I guess your memory isn’t the best because you can only remember it in a rather muddy 16-bit art style with slightly hard to read text reminiscent of one of those depressing Amiga games from the 90s designed by sad British people who live in places like Hull.

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