Loop Hero by Four Quarters is a roguelike that incorporates elements from card games, city-builders, strategy, and adventure games to create a uniquely addictive experience.

You play as the aforementioned hero, stuck in a timeless loop thrust upon the world by an evil known as the Lich. The core gameplay loop is, quite literally, a loop, with our hero going in circles around a set path while the player uses randomized environment cards earned from killing enemies to build the world around them. Combat encounters also play out automatically, with the player’s influence on the outcome limited to the equipping of better loot earned from previous combat. This style of gameplay is quite passive due to the indirect influence of the player on the moment-to-moment action, and I honestly didn’t think I would find it that engaging. I was very wrong.

Loop Hero is a creative game that shines because of its clear focus on literally crafting an engaging gameplay loop. If you like trying new things, this one is well worth the look, but keep in mind this is a game deeply rooted in RNG — so if RNGesus rarely rolls in your favor, know that it might require some patience and prayer for a better runthrough in the quest for fun.

Loop Hero is available now on PC on Steam, Epic, GOG, and Humble for $14.99 with a 15% discount at launch.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Loop Hero.


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