We ride to Rohan!

The fifth expansion to Lord of the Rings Online continues where Riders of Rohan left off. Players of Helm’s Deep will be able to explore West Rohan, Edoras, Dunharrow, and the fortress of the Hornburg starting Nov. 18. The expansion increases the level cap to 95. It will heavily feature the Battle of the Hornburg — also known as the Battle of Helm’s Deep — from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

“Helm’s Deep is the site of the most memorable battle in Middle-earth and we’re excited to announce our launch date and introduce some great new in-game items for anyone who pre-purchases the expansion,” Kate Paiz, executive producer of The Lord of the Rings Online, said in press release today.

The $59.99 premium pre-purchase includes a full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armor, 10 extra quest log slots, an item called Crystal of Remembrance that adds an additional legacy to a legendary weapon, two titles (Helm’s Enforcer and Helm’s Avenger), and 2000 Turbine points. The premium pre-purchase also includes two items that can be used immediately in the game: the Shield of the Hammerhand and an exclusive Rohirrim mount with matching war-steed appearance. The $39.99 base pre-purchase includes a Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece, the Helm’s Enforcer title, and 1000 Turbine points. The two items that can be used immediately are the Token of Hornburg and the Rohirrim mount.

The MMORPG first came out in 2007 and has since had many free content updates and four expansions, with Helm’s Deep being the fifth expansion.

Source: Lord of the Rings Online

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