Lords of Waterdeep screen

The Dungeons & Dragons board game Lords of Waterdeep has been ported by Playdek from the tabletop to mobile platforms.

Tabletop games are a blast and, when you get down to it, no videogame is ever really going to be able to capture the feeling of sitting across a bunch of friends at a table with a few beers, rolling dice to see work your way across a painted piece of cardboard. Sadly, as much fun as a good board game can be, they’re also kind of a hassle. The seemingly simple act of getting enough people into one place at one time to play can often be akin to a logistical feat. In turn, sometimes it’s just easier to sit back on the couch and play Call of Duty.

Or, if you want (some of) the board game experience minus the accompanying annoyances, you could just play ports like the newly released Lords of Waterdeep. Based in the Dungeons & Dragons brand, Lords of Waterdeep drops up to two to five players into the titular city of Waterdeep and sets them against each other in a quest to gain control of the city through intrigue and general shadiness. The new iOS version, developed by Playdek, will support pass-and-play multiplayer, asynchronous multiplayer and options for playing against AI opponents.

That being said, it still has to be seen if gamers will take to the mobile version with the same love many have for the tabletop original. Nathan Stewart, brand manager for D&D at Wizards of the Coast, is confident that fans will be satisfied. “We are thrilled with the work Playdek has done to bring one of the Forgotten Realms’ most iconic cities to life, as part of our overall digital strategy to help fans experience the rich fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms on a variety of mobile platforms,” he said. Lords of Waterdeep can be purchased in the App Store for $6.99.

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