This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Lost in Random.

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A lot of games these days start with the story or theme and pick the gameplay elements off the peg, as it were. A nice coat of open world. A sweater of stealth action. Large, unflattering underpants of crafting bearing the skidmarks of like fifteen previous wearers, Personally the games I find more interesting are the ones that started by coming up with some unique gameplay element and then tailored a story and setting around that. Pokemon would be a good example. The game set in a society that almost completely revolves around cockfighting. To the point that even the nurses have trained fighting roosters as personal assistants. Which would be like if in the UK footballers were employed at every level of society, like they hire a few to hang around hospital corridors kicking donated organs into operating rooms. And then there’s this week’s subject, Lost in Random, a game that clearly started with a combat system based around combining random dice rolls with deckbuilding and realtime combat along some Hand-of-Fate-y sorts of lines and then had to contrive a setting and story entirely based around that. For a start, it takes place in the land of Random. As in, that’s literally what it’s called. Fucking hell, even Pokemon isn’t flat out set in Wounded Poultry Topia.

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