Ludicrous $750 Goliath Statue Promotes the Launch of Evolve


If you’re feeling especially spendy, you can drop an extra $50 on an $800 even limited-er edition version of Evolve‘s Goliath.

There’s a lot that $750 can buy. Both a PS4 and a Wii U. A high-tier PC. 3,428 Pop tarts. Or, a single, admittedly badass, Goliath statue, from Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming monster hunter, Evolve. Not to be outdone by Titanfall‘s $250 collector’s edition or even Gaming Heads series of amazingly detailed $300+ Valve game statues, 2K games has announced that in collaboration with Project Triforce, it will be producing an extremely limited run of crazy-expensive $750 Goliath statues.

Additionally, if you’re got an extra $50 (as someone who is willing to drop $750 on a toy most likely would have), you can pick up an even limted-er edition statue sporting a special Savage Goliath skin, available exclusively at NY Comic Con next week.

First, check out the monster in all of its 29″H x 22″W x 25″L glory, in standard and Savage variants below:

From 2k’s press release: “The Evolve: Goliath Premier Scale Statue is hand-finished and hand-painted, ready to stalk whatever prey you lay out on your table. Cast in poly-stone, it measures 29 inches high, weighs in at 35 pounds and features working LED effects built in – like those piercing eyes watching you in the dark while you’re trying to go to sleep.”

You can go ahead and pre-order the statue right now with a $187 deposit, and they are expected to ship in Q2, 2015, which should be shortly after the release of Evolve. Only 500 of the standard, and 150 of the Savage versions of these statues will be sold, so get in quick if you’re a really dedicated fan (for a game that isn’t even out yet).

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