LulzSec Nabs Source Code for Sony Dev Site


Man, Sony is just not looking good when it comes to repelling hacker attacks by LulzSec, is it?

It turns out this weekend wasn’t a total bust for hacker group LulzSec. Even though its attack on Nintendo failed to snag any of the company’s user data, it turns out that they were able to snag the source code for the exclusive Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network.

LulzSec announced the grab via Twitter. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like that big a deal (other than the fact that, y’know, Sony was the victim of another embarrassing hack), but it should be noted that this is the code of a website that can only be visited by registered Sony developers. If LulzSec was able to get this info from the site, it’s likely they had access to other proprietary information that’s normally off-limits to the general public.

This is the second time in less than a week that LulzSec has managed to make Sony look bad. While I certainly don’t agree with the hacker group’s tactics, maybe Sony should think about upgrading its database security across the board …

Source: Eurogamer

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