After several delays, puzzler Lumines Live! launched on Xbox Live Marketplace today, but it seems to be less than smooth sailing for many users.

On the official blog of Xbox staffer Major Nelson, several users are reporting the same error, wherein their download of Lumines will proceed to 1 percent, only to be halted with error code 80070003, which Nelson has said translates to the user not having enough hard drive space for the download.

Several users have responded that have more than enough space for the approximately 50mb download, and are able to download other games successfully.

According to one user commenting on Major Nelson’s blog: “I’ve been getting error code: 80070003 for the last hour of trying to download lumines live:( I’ve been looking forward to this game for months, but now I can’t even download it.”

Similar complaints have been seen on other forums, including the heavily-trafficked NeoGAF.

The problem has not been officially addressed by Microsoft or fixed (at least on the author’s Xbox 360) as of 9 p.m. EST.

In other Lumines news, 1up’s Luke Smith estimates that the game with all of the add-on packs in the pipeline (including a versus pack and an upcoming mission pack) will run gamers $37.49. Read the full story here.

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