Mad Max “Magnum Opus” Trailer Quietly Reveals Delay To 2015

That scag and his floozy – they’re gonna die. But not until next year.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about the Mad Max game. Actually, scratch that; I’ve been a little nervous about it from the moment it was announced. It immediately struck me as the kind of thing that could be great, but was more likely to be abysmally bad, a cheap cash-in on a name that ultimately ends up having virtually nothing to do with the burning roads of Australia a few years from now.

More recently, it’s the apparent lack of progress on the game that has me concerned. As far as I know it’s never had a solid release date but it was expected out sometime this year. Yet here we are with a new trailer, and the accompanying text says the game is “set to release in 2015.” That’s still not an actual release date in the strictest sense of the term, but it’s definitely a delay.

As for the trailer itself, it’s not exactly blowing my doors off either. It lays down the most basic setup for the game – a bunch of guys from Rage steal Max’s car, so now he needs a new one – but the path from there to uber-interceptor remains shrouded in mystery. Even more alarmingly, it carries the logo of West Coast Customs, a real-life car customization company based in California that’s building a Mad Max Magnum Opus car for its television show.

None of this screams, “Mad Max is doomed!” but it does leave me feeling vaguely pessimistic about the whole thing. Let’s face it: If you’re hooking up with a reality show to build cars while your game is delayed by as much as a year, maybe your priorities aren’t arrayed quite as they should be.

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