Madden 25 Predicts The Denver Broncos Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII

If the Super Bowl plays out like Madden says it will, it’s going to be a pretty close game.

It has been decided! The Denver Broncos have been declared the presumed winners of Super Bowl XLVIII the most important name in (video game) football analysis, Madden Football 25. EA Sports has performed their annual Super Bowl simulation – AI versions of both teams play the scenario out using the most recent game’s rosters – and found the Broncos will manage to take down the Seattle Seahawks, 31-28.

EA Sports has been using Madden to predict who would win the big game for years now and, believe it or not, the game has a pretty good track record. Madden simulations have accurately predicted the winner in eight of the last ten Super Bowls.

The simulation of the game took a few wild twists and turns. After a low-scoring first half, the Broncos took a strong lead in the third quarter. Just when it seemed like the game was over, though, a running touchdown from Seahawks Runningback Marshawn Lynch and subsequent two-point conversion tied things up, sending the game into overtime. After all that work, though, the Seahawks weren’t able to keep up, and the Broncos kicked a field goal to win the game.

Unsurprisingly, the simulated Payton Manning took home the game’s MVP award, though most of the big names on both the Broncos and Seahawks came through with strong performances.

Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the real game is half as intense as this version. If you aren’t a football fan, though, there’s still something to be gained from watching the video: After seeing this, you have a good idea of who to look out for if you end up at a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Source: EA Sports

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