Alongside details of the Mafia III Collector’s Edition, Mafia II has re-released on Steam with a big sale.

Back in April, 2K announced the Collector’s Edition of Mafia III, but they didn’t detail what it would include. Today, they’ve announced the contents.


In addition to a copy of the game and the Season Pass (no DLC has been detailed yet), you’ll also get all of the following:

  • Official Soundtrack: A vinyl copy of the soundtrack that includes songs from Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, Sam Cooke, The Animals, and more.
  • Original Game Score: A vinyl copy of the game’s score, composed by Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney.
  • Exclusive Collectible Art Prints: Two lithographs from Playboy and the Alberto Vargas Estate.
  • Collectible Art Book: A 56-page art book that details the creation of New Bordeaux, the game city based on 1968 New Orleans.
  • Replica Dog Tags: 1960s-era US military replica dog tags featuring the name of main character Lincoln Clay.
  • Drink Coasters: These faux-leather coasters represent the Paradiso Casino and other in-game locations.

If you’re wondering if the Mafia series is for you, 2K has re-released Mafia II on Steam today. You can buy it and all of its DLC for 80% off through June 8.

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