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Rampant speculation has proven correct, as Wizards of the Coast announces that Onslaught Fetch Lands will be reprinted in Khans of Tarkir.

I got to chat with Wizards of the Coast at PAX 2014 about some very exciting things with September’s Magic set, Khans of Tarkir. While we discussed the different clans and khans, the origin of planeswalker [mtg_card=Sarkhan Vol], and the new 2-set Block scheme that Mark Rosewater recently announced, the biggest news was by far the fact that Khans will feature Fetch Lands, like [mtg_card=Flooded Strand], originally reprinted in Onslaught way back in 2002.
The Khans party at PAX is well underway now, and the reveals there will include these highly-sought lands, which currently sell for up to $90 each. In addition to fetch lands, the Morph ability is making a return, where you can play a Morph card face-down as a 2/2 creature, and turn it face up at any time for it’s Morph cost to surprise an opponent.

To assist with the three-color theme of the set, there will be clan-colored tri-lands as well, which add mana of any of three colors with the downside that the land always comes into play tapped.

There are also some fairly big changes coming to the Khans prerelease events. With Return to Ravnica and Theros, there were fairly easy choices for which pre-release box you chose, assuming you were aiming for the highest powered promo card. This time around, there will actually be 40 different promo cards, with the seeded pack in each pre-release box containing one of the eight from your chosen clan. Additionally, the Intro Packs will now feature alternate art versions of some of these promo cards, offering a more compelling reason to pick one up for those who’ve already got the pre-release promo.
Of course, for the more serious Magic player, most of this pales compared to the reprinting of the high-value fetch lands, but the variety we’ll see at pre-releases certainly comes as a welcome change of pace.

What do you think about the reprints? Are you excited to have them accessible, or have you already invested hundreds of dollars into acquiring them, and worry that they’ll now devalue? Let us know in the forums!

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