Major League Gaming Announces New PC Circuit


Major League Gaming has unveiled a new professional gaming circuit dedicated to the PC.

The Major League Gaming PC Circuit will be added to three professional gaming events run by the league. The PC Circuit competition will be based around World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, featuring a 3-on-3 format with room for up to 32 teams. Prizes of $22,500 per event will be awarded.

“We’ve just come off our Meadowlands season opener, which attracted a record-setting 12,000 players and fans,” said Major League Gaming CEO Matthew Bromberg in a report on GameDaily. “Working with industry leaders HP and Blizzard Entertainment will allow us to reach more of American’s 40 million competitive gamers.”

Major League Gaming has entered into a sponsorship deal with Hewlett-Packard, who will provide HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PCs for every event on the new circuit.

“HP is bullish on PC gaming across the globe and we’re honored to help MLG as it launches their new North American Circuit,” said Rahul Sood, chief technology officer at HP’s Voodoo Business Unit. “The HP Blackbird 002 was designed specifically for this level of intense competition. We can’t want to see MLG contestants pwning their opponents with it.”

The inaugural PC Circuit competition will take place at MLG San Diego, running from June 13-15, followed by events on July 11-13 in Orlando, Florida and October 3-5 in Dallas, Texas. Details on the rules and tournament format will be released on May 15; for more information, check out the Major League Gaming website.

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