Make Your Own Movies In The Sims 3


Filming and editing your Sims’ silly adventures will be easier than ever in the newest edition of EA’s megafranchise, thanks to a powerful new movie making tool included in the game.

Though Sims filmmaking is already quite the phenomenon, not everybody has the know how or time to do it. This is where The Sims 3 comes along, with its built-in Movie Maker tool.

It works kinda like one of the simple but relatively powerful programs you get on your computer like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. You capture your footage, then go into the editing room. From there on you just drag and drop your clips into a timeline and then add your transitions, your music (from EA’s readymade library of generic tunes) and cheesy visual effects like blurs, black and white, visual noise, etc. You can also add captions to your movies, which might be useful for adding subtitles to translate your Sims’ gibberish language.

Once you get that done and are ready to share your masterpiece with an inevitably adoring public, you can publish to your preferred social network (you know, MyBook or whatever you kids are using these days) so all your e-friends can gander at how much you fail at being the next Spielberg. You can also set your video to private if you don’t want to incur an onslaught of braindead comments from anonymous YouTubers and their ilk.

So start brainstorming ideas for Sims movies, kids. I’m already sketching out the plot for my Sims soap opera. Things are gonna get juicy.

Check out the Movie Maker in action here.

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