Last Friday, an unidentified man in Guangzhou, China was killed when his cell phone suddenly exploded.

One of the members of staff at the local 7-11 thought something was wrong when she heard a loud bang. After rushing to investigate, she found her colleague lying in a pool of blood.

The victim had recently swapped his mobile battery for a new one. For some unknown reason, perhaps due to the third party products, perhaps due to the proximity of the computers, perhaps due to sheer bad luck, the mobile detonated in his chest pocket.

Shards of plastic tore through the arteries in his neck and he gurgled to his rapid demise from massive blood loss. Nice.

Police have not released the make or model of the phone, but he was known to be working in a Lenovo store – although it’s not clear if the shop was an official outlet or if it just advertised Lenovo products.

Source: The Register

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