A Colorado man lost a finger when a thief wanted his new iPad a little too much.

Bill Jordan was only at the Apple store to purchase an iPad for his friend, but he had no idea that his shopping trip would end with him exactly one iPad and one finger short. Security cameras show that after Jordan left the store, two potential thieves were following him in hopes of filching the shiny new iPad. With the bag containing the iPad tightly wrapped around his fingers, Jordan suddenly felt a sharp tug and looked around to see a thief pulling at the bag.

“He was almost sitting down on the ground, he was pulling so hard,” Jordan explained. “It was still tied around my fingers, it wouldn’t come off. Finally, he gave it one big jerk and that’s when he stripped the skin off from my pinky and it went right down to the bone.”

Jordan grabbed some napkins from the food court to staunch the bleeding and rushed to the hospital, but the damage had been done; part of his pinky had to be amputated. During an interview with CBS4, Jordan left the still-at-large thieves with this statement: ” I hope you understand what you have done to me and to my family’s life – for a simple piece of apparatus that will be junk in a couple of years.”

It’s tough to say what’s more horrifying, that this attack happened in broad daylight, or that someone was willing to go to such lengths for a shiny bit of technology.

Source: CBS4 Denver, via National Post

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