Man of Steel Sequel Will Feature a “Street Tough” Lex Luthor

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Inside sources have said that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will be a former gang leader and self-made billionaire.

The announcement that Jesse Eisenberg would the new Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel left many Superman fans with questions. At the forefront of speculation, of course, was what kind of Luthor would he be? Could we expect Eisenberg to just ape his Mark Zuckerberg role or would Snyder and company push him in a completely different direction?

If the Latino Review can be believed, it will be very much the latter. The site, which is known for breaking news from Hollywood productions, has released details from inside sources about the version of the character Eisenberg will be playing. Said sources indicated that Alexander “Lex” Luthor will be a self-made billionaire who used his brains to rise up from a life on the streets where he ran a straight-up bona fide gang. His experiences as a “street tough” will be integral to his character on account of them teaching him the importance of intelligence and resolve over pure strength and brute force.

Eisenberg’s Luthor will apparently also have some less than cordial feelings for Bruce Wayne, whom he regards with disdain for his inherited wealth. The two will apparently be at odds over their opinion of Superman (whom Lex wants gone) but are willing to work together to rebuild the still devastated Metropolis. That said, Lex will apparently already be making preparations to dispose of Superman. Plans that, not unexpectedly, may involve a certain caped and pointy-eared vigilante.

Not a lick of this, of course, has been officially confirmed and should all be taken with a sizable grain of salt. That said, if these are true, the movie could potentially serve up one of the most original versions of Lex Luthor that we’ve ever seen. Just personally the mental image of Jesse Eisenberg as a gang leader is more than enough to catch my interest. Granted, that detail could wind up being pretty silly if it’s done poorly, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Source: Latino Review

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