Man Proposes & Will Get Married in LittleBigPlanet


All the way back in October, one particular PS3 owner used a custom LittleBigPlanet level to pop the question to his girlfriend, who said yes. Now, the happy couple have sent out wedding invitations – via LittleBigPlanet – to invite everyone to their ceremony – to be held in LittleBigPlanet.

The date of the wedding, according to the video, is April 11th, and Jed and Andrea invite everyone to come and join them! How they’re going to work out the logistics, I have absolutely no idea.

Holding in-game wedding ceremonies in online games is certainly no new idea – heck, just the other day I ganked a pair of Blood Elves tying the knot in Moonglade – but there are a few differences between that sort of scenario and what appears to be the case here. For one, it’s usually the characters getting married, not the players (Second Life shenanigans notwithstanding). Also, those tend to be Massively Multiplayer games, whereas the number of people who can be in any one LittleBigPlanet level is… four. You might be able to get the bride, groom, best man and maid of honor in there, but you wouldn’t have anyone to perform the ceremony!

Obviously, this is probably something that Jed and Andrea are going to have to work out before they tie the knot together, whether they’ll be represented by tongue-lolling, grinning Sackboys or not. Still, best of luck to them with figuring out how to pull it off! Oh, and y’know, that whole “marriage” idea.

Now to contact their parents and see what they have to say about the whole thing.

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