MapleStory’s Future is in the Cards


Wizards of the Coast announced a partnership with Nexon America to publish the MapleStory iTrading Card Game. Building upon the Neopets model, in which players exchange codes redeemable for “vanity items,” players will be able to redeem trading card codes for highly sought-after artifacts, rare virtual pets and all-new quests within the popular MapleStory MMOG.

The gameplay of the trading card game will mirror that of its electronic counterpart, but adds character-vs.-character combat, something not available to MapleStory‘s 67 million registered users worldwide.

The trading card game is available in starter sets and booster packs. Starter sets contain 34 cards and one redeemable code, game rules and a CD-ROM with the MapleStory online game client, and one booster pack, which contains nine cards and one code.

Once online to trade in codes, players will also have the option to pay real-world money to fully kit out their game characters with haircuts, clothing and fire-breathing virtual pets. More information about the online game can be found on the official site.

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