Marathon Is Coming To The iPad


Thanks to the tireless work of a talented amateur, you’ll soon be able to play Marathon on the go via your iPad.

If you want to feel ancient, think about this for a moment: Bungie’s Marathon series is almost twenty-years-old; this is a terrible realization to make if you grew up playing these games, like I did. However, if you’re looking for a chance to recapture some of your original FPS glory, then you’re going to love this news: The game is coming to the iPad. Soon. For free.

Daniel Blezek has apparently been working on the port since the iPad launched back in January, 2010. The amateur game developer received approval for the project from Bungie, and – thanks to his “loving family” and some solid technical skills – the game has been completed and is awaiting Apple’s approval. Meanwhile, because Bungie has released Marathon Infinity to the open source community, it sounds like the game is going to be included in the iPad App.

The game is due to hit the App Store any day now, and it’s going to be given away completely free. As Bungie commented as a P.S. in its recent interview with Blezek, “Oh, perhaps we should have told Daniel about our fees. We get an 80 percent slice of all sales. Anyone know what 0 multiplied by 80 is?”

Source: Bungie via Joystiq

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