Here’s a list of the March Mayhem: Developers’ Showdown games for March 20!

In the South Bracket …

No. 5 BioWare vs. No. 12 Bizarre. Vote here.

No. 4 Infinity Ward vs. No. 13 GSC Game World. Vote here.

No. 6 Turbine vs. No. 11 ArenaNet. Vote here.

No. 3 2K Sports vs. No. 14 Gas Powered Games. Vote here.

In the East Bracket …

No. 5 Namco Bandai vs. No. 12 Quantic Dream. Vote here.

No. 4 Valve vs. No. 13 Human Head. Vote here.

In the West Bracket …

No. 1 Blizzard vs. No. 16 Renegade Kid. Vote here.

No. 8 Irrational vs. No. 9 Digital Illusions. Vote here.

No. 6 NCsoft vs. No. 11 TimeGate. Vote here.

No. 3 Bethesda vs. No. 14 Croteam. Vote here.

No. 7 Crytek vs. No.10 Neversoft. Vote here.

No. 2 Sony Computer Entertainment America vs. No. 15 Mercury Steam. Vote here.

In the Midwest Bracket …

No. 1 Nintendo vs. No. 16 Wideload. Vote here.

No. 8 Cryptic vs. No. 9 Sierra. Vote here.

No. 6 SOE vs. No. 11 Rockstar San Diego. Vote here.

No. 3 LucasArts vs. No 14 Kaos. Vote here.

To look at the whole tournament, visit its main index. Click here for more information on March Mayhem: Developers’ Showdown.

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