Here’s a list of the March Mayhem: Developers’ Showdown games for March 20!

In the South Bracket …

No. 1 Ubisoft vs. No. 16 Auran. Vote here.

No. 8 Pandemic vs. No. 9 Foundation9. Vote here.

No. 7 Arkane vs. No. 10 Rockstar Vancouver. Vote here.

No. 2 Capcom vs. No. 15 Spark. Vote here.

In the East Bracket …

No. 1 EA Sports vs. No. 16 Top 10 Studios. Vote here.

No. 8 Rare vs. No. 9 Destineer. Vote here.

No. 6 CCP vs. No. 11 Climax. Vote here.

No. 3 SEGA vs. No. 14 Double Fine. Vote here.

No. 7 Lionhead vs. No. 10 Red Storm. Vote here.

No. 2 Bungie vs. No. 15 Replay. Vote here.

In the West Bracket …

No. 5 Firaxis vs. No. 12 RedFly. Vote here.

No. 4 Rockstar North vs. No 13. Firefly. Vote here.

In the Midwest Bracket …

No. 5 Epic vs. No. 12 Big Huge Games. Vote here.

No. 4 id vs. No. 13 Paradox. Vote here.

No. 7 Funcom vs. No. 10 Ensemble. Vote here.

No. 2 Harmonix vs. No. 15 Linden Lab. Vote here.

To look at the whole tournament, visit its main index. Click here for more information on March Mayhem: Developers’ Showdown.

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