Marge Simpson Body Paint Shoot Will Leave You Cowering in Fear

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov recently held a photo shoot transforming Marge of The Simpsons into a real-world horror.

I love The Simpsons. Granted, the show arguably peaked years ago and there are some who would be more than happy to see it bite the proverbial dust. Even so, if you were to set me down with its heyday seasons I could happily waste days reliving the countless classic moments that drove the series to its status as a pop culture icon. That being the case, even I have limits about the sort of Simpsons content I can enjoy.

A recent photo shoot recreating series matriarch Marge, for instance, falls very much outside the boundaries of my comfort. The shoot, put together by photographer Alexander Khokhlov, uses 3D make-up materials to transform a model into the jaundice-skinned likeness of Marge. It’s also about the creepiest danged thing that I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I can’t appreciate the skill that went into the shoot. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the makeup artists and stylists involved in this did some genuinely impressive work. The giant hair-piece made of flowers, for instance, is pretty danged neat. Even so, the whole thing just looks weird and the longer I stare at the picture of real-world Marge, the more convinced I am that she wants to eat my soul. What do you think? Am I overreacting or is this irrefutable proof that some cartoon characters are better left animated?

Source: Sploid

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