When a young lady is in someone else’s castle and breaks your Piece of Heart, the only thing to do is to drink a potion and write a song about it.

When I was younger and playing the legendary Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it amused me to no end that one of Link’s wordless attack shouts sounded an awful lot like he was yelling “Skank!” at his opponents. I’m just throwing that out there, really, because it seems very appropriate to the video seen here.

Patrick Donahue’s “8-Bit Ho” may not be the most faithful interpretation we’ve seen of Zelda and Peach, but it’s certainly damn entertaining. If you can’t appreciate the way the lyrics relate romance to common videogame concepts, you can probably appreciate the catchy chiptune beat, right? And if you can’t appreciate that, well then you’ll just have to settle for people dressed as classic NES characters bumping and grinding.

Though for the record, that “a Mega party!” expression will haunt my dreams.

(Via Joystiq)

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