Mario Transforms and Rolls Out in New Galaxy 2 Trailer


The latest trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out, and it’s a minute and a half of pure childlike joy.

In the past, I’ve made my love for the original Super Mario Galaxy more than apparent – it’s one of the best games of this generation, hands down. So, I relish every little opportunity to catch a glimpse of its sequel, because you know it’s going to be absolutely friggin’ brilliant.

This latest SMG2 trailer is pretty short, but it does show off one of the cooler new powerups that Mario will be getting access to: Rock Mario. If you thought Metal Mario was cool back in the SM64 days, well, you might just think this does it one better.

From what it looks like, Mario will be able to turn into a giant boulder and do a powerful, devastating roll attack used for jumping off ramps, knocking objects down, and presumably also to squash the hell out of Goombas. What else are you going to do a giant rolling rock for, huh?

Plumber was a rolling stone, don’tcha know?

We also get a glimpse at the new “world map” screen, which consists of Mario flying a small planetoid (in the shape of his head, natch) around from galaxy to galaxy. Apparently, players will be able to upgrade the planetoid in order to access new things – we’ll be learning more about that later, I presume.

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