Mars War Logs Goes Behind the Scenes


Spiders Studio CEO Jehanne Rousseau narrates a deeper look into the setting and story behind the off-world RPG Mars War Logs.

Intrigued by Mars War Logs but still feel in the dark about the whole thing? Our first look at the game last month was interesting but not terribly informative, and while this new “overview” video is leavened with plenty of PR-speak, it also offers a little more of a look into what Spiders Studio is cooking up.

The game has thus far come across as very combat-heavy and the action in this trailer doesn’t do much to change that perception. But Rousseau said the studio is working to make it an “immersive RPG where every choice counts.”

“We wanted to give players choice about everything: skills, feats, answers in dialogs, behavior with companions or even the equipment they craft,” she explained. “By giving total freedom to the player, we wanted to make them own their responsibilities.”

Dialog options, including the “tone” you take with NPCs, will influence their opinions and reactions, unlock side quests, prevent (or presumably start) battles and maybe even earn you some quality time with the ladies, and the choices you make will also have a long-term impact on the direction of the story. The studio is obviously intent on selling Mars War Logs as a “real” RPG rather than simply a pseudo-brawler punctuated by moments of conversation and if it can pull that off, this could very well be the sort of dark, Total Recall-meets-Fallout RPG of which my heart has always dreamed. I like what I see so far, but that’s still a might big “if.”

Mars War Logs is scheduled to come out in May for the PC. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are planned to follow, but a release date for those platforms has not been announced. (Oh, and a word of advice: Turn the subtitles on. Ms. Rousseau has a bit of an accent.)

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