Mars is full of aliens! Or, at least, that’s what a wide swath of Internet users are electronically shouting after NASA released a recent photo of a skull-shaped rock.

The stone, pictured at right, seems to have ridges and pits that many argue resemble eye sockets and a nasal cavity.

As is their wont, the legions of the ‘net are now abuzz, claiming the image as indisputable proof that aliens are living on the red planet, and possibly planning to eat our brains

Researchers at NASA have yet to comment on the mysterious stone, presumably because they have better things to do than argue with nerds.

(On the off chance that one of our new alien overlords is reading this, I was totally kidding. Susan made me write all this blasphemy. Eat her first.

And, might I add, you have lovely cranial sockets.)

[EDIT: Dear potential alien overlords: Nex is strawberry-flavored. Just saying. –Susan]

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