Marvel Gifts Infinity Stone to Guardians of the Galaxy Director

Infinity Stone Power

For his 44th birthday, Marvel gave Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, his own Infinity Stone.

While Thanos is willing to slaughter thousands of lives for an Infinity Stone, it seems all he had to do to get one was to direct a hit movie — at least this worked for Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. For his 44th birthday, Marvel Studios gave James Gunn his own Infinity Stone replica that was shown in Guardians of the Galaxy. It also contained a quote from Star-Lord himself (Peter Quill), who was played by actor Chris Pratt in the movie, which said: “That was a pretty good plan.” With Guardians of the Galaxy now proving to be a mega success for Marvel, I’d say that’s a pretty fair assumption.

Just in case you’re wondering, the Infinity Stone shown off in Guardians isn’t the first one to be shown in a Marvel movie. In 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, the Tesseract was shown off, which is said to house the “space” stone. In Thor: The Dark World, The Aether was revealed which is said to be based on the “reality” stone. Finally, in Guardians of the Galaxy, hidden within the orb that everyone’s fighting for, is the “power” stone. So, that leaves us with three more stones uncovered (time, soul, mind). It’s been discussed by fans that Loki’s staff houses the “mind” stone given its power to control people’s minds, but Marvel has yet to confirm this to date. Regardless if we’re down to two stones or three,you can bet that they’ll appear in some Marvel movie at some point since the stones play a big role in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

For more Marvel news, actor Josh Brolin confirmed that he’s set to appear in at least three more Marvel movies as Thanos. And in case you’re wondering what Marvel has planned for that Avengers and Guardians team-up, go check out what Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige had to say about it.

Which Marvel movies do you see the other stones making an appearance? And will Marvel be able to pull off the Infinity Gauntlet story without killing every superhero involved?

Source: James Gunn (Instagram) via The Hollywood Reporter

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