Marvel Heroes Slug It Out in Real Life


Captain America and Spider-Man got busted by the police for trading blows in public. No, seriously: This really happened.

In a case of real life (unintentionally) mimicking art, two unruly superheroes were caught fighting in a parking garage early Sunday morning. The funny thing is that the brawl occurred in Stamford, Connecticut, and involved two men dressed as characters who fought during Marvel Comics’ “Civil War” crossover event (which started with a super-powered battle gone wrong in Stamford).

According to the Stamford Advocate:

Police officials say officers responded to a fight in the Bell Street parking garage early Sunday morning and found a man dressed as Captain America holding a man on the ground and punching him, Assistant Police Chief Jon Fontneau said.

The fight was reported 1:33 a.m. Sunday by a parking garage employee. It began when a 25-year-old wearing a Captain America costume got into an argument that turned physical with the father of a Stamford man who turned 21 Sunday, police Lt. Elizabeth Erickson said. […The man’s son] wore the Spider-Man outfit and allegedly punched [Cap] as police tried to break up the scuffle.

The man dressed as Spidey had his girlfriend -who is also up on charges- present, though she was apparently dressed as Poison Ivy instead of Mary Jane Watson. Someone needs to tell these folks that this is not how superheroes are supposed to behave.

Source: Stamford Advocate via io9

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