Marvel “Moving Forward” on The Inhumans Movie

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Marvel superhero team The Inhumans could be coming to the big screen

Marvel Studios scored a major hit with Guardians of The Galaxy, despite most of its characters being largely unknown outside of comic fandom. Now, according to Collider, it appears they’ll try to make that happen again by moving forward with a long rumored project based around The Inhumans.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and debuting in a 1965 Fantastic Four storyline, The Inhumans are often thought of as precursor to the “superheroes as persecuted minority” concept Marvel would later revisit with X-Men: The Inhumans are a race of Earth-dwelling humanoids, descended from primitive homo-sapiens who were subjected to experiments by The Kree (the blue-skinned aliens seen in Guardians), whose unusual powers and (in some cases) frightening appearances led them to withdraw from humanity to their own hidden city of Attilan. Their backstory was later infused with new details related to Jack Kirby’s cosmic series The Eternals.

Though they frequently interact with other, more prominent heroes of the Marvel Universe, The Inhumans have also appeared in various series and miniseries of their own; typically based around political and factional struggles within their community and royal heirarchy. The best known members of The Inhumans (and likely major figure of any feature-film adaptation) are their king, Black Bolt, born gifted/cursed with a voice so loud that so much as a whisper can level an entire city; and Lockjaw, a gigantic bulldog with the power to teleport himself and others anywhere in an instant.

No release date or timetable is known about the project, which has not been officially confirmed by Marvel. Joe Robert Cole is reported to be writing the initial screenplay. Over the weekend, actor Vin Diesel made a cryptic Facebook post that led many to believe he was being considered for a role in the film.

Source: Collider

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