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You’ll Be Able to Play Marvel Snap Against Your Friends Soon

how to play Marvel Snap PvP Battle Mode with against your friends soon before end of 2022

Marvel and developer Second Dinner released digital collectible card game Marvel Snap last month, and it’s the rare mobile game that is both fun and doesn’t feel instantly predatory. Even people who don’t usually play mobile games, including several of us at The Escapist, have been enjoying Marvel Snap, but the game is missing a crucial feature right now: basic PvP play against your friends. However, speaking with The Washington Post, Second Dinner confirmed that a “Battle Mode” with PvP against your friends is coming to Marvel Snap before the end of 2022. (Update January 3, 2023: Battle Mode is now coming later in January 2023.)

This mode will be structured differently than the one-off matches played competitively. Per the game’s development roadmap, “In Battle Mode, each player starts with 10 health and the winning player deals damage to their opponent equal to the stakes of the game. If you doubled down and SNAPPED, you’ll do 4 damage to your opponent instead of 2 – or retreat early and only lose 1 health!” You and your friend will keep playing with the same deck until someone has lost all of their health.

There are only a couple months left in the year, so you can expect to play against your friends in Marvel Snap PvP Battle Mode pretty soon. And don’t forget that the game is available on Steam too, if you don’t want to try it on your phone for some reason.

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