Marvel vs. Disney Developed in Alternate Universe


If cards had been played differently it’s possible that the Hulk could have bashed Mickey Mouse’s brains in, or vice versa.

Since the release of the first Marvel vs. Capcom game, everybody has had a fantasy about who or what they’d like to see the Marvel or Capcom universes go up against in a fighting game. DC Comics, Final Fantasy, and characters from The Notebook are certainly at the top of the list, but would you believe that Disney is a possibility?

Well, it’s not, but that doesn’t stop T.Q. Jefferson, Director of Marvel Games Digital Media Group, from wishing it could be possible. In a recent interview with Siliconera, when asked what universe Jefferson would like to see Marvel go up against he replied: “Disney.”

“Yeah, I’d love to see that! I’d love to see Goofy take on Wolverine. [Laughs!] Try to get that image out of your head! Or Donald Duck vs. Howard the Duck, that’s classic.”

He’s quite obviously joking about pitting cute anthropomorphic characters up against genetically altered superheroes, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome. Disney’s characters even have natural special moves that they could annihilate foes with: 101 Dalmatian‘s 1001 Combo Bite Attack, Winnie the Poo‘s Honey Pot Smash, Dumbo‘s Ear Blast, Pinocchio‘s Nose Poke, and Bambi‘s Eat-Your-Parents’-Garden taunt move, not to mention that Fantasia Mickey would be an unstoppable force. A fighting game with Disney in it could even allow the majority of the world’s population to live out their fantasies of violence against Hannah Montana.

With Disney purchasing Marvel in 2009, who knows, maybe this game could really will happen someday. Most likely it will be only in my dreams, which are littered with the brains of cartoon characters already.

Source: Siliconera

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