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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Feature an Absolute Ton of Suits

Marvels Spider Man 2 will feature more than 65 suits with more than 200 variants.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 got another in-depth showing at Sony’s State of Play today, revealing that it will let you collect more 65 suits as you explore its expanded New York. As with the first game, those suits will be a mix of those featured previously in the comics and films, with some entirely original ones thrown in. Plus, you will be able to choose from multiple different styles of most suits, making for more than 200 variants in total.

In addition, the digital deluxe edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will include five extra suits each for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Peter will get the 25th Century, Apunkalyptic, Tactical, Aurantia, and Stone Monkey suits, while Miles will get the Tokusatsu, Encoded, Agimat, Red Spectre, and Biomechanical suits. That’s on top of extra photo mode items, early unlocks for other suits, and a web grabber gadget that will be included in that version.

It’s a significant increase from the 28 suits available in the launch version of the previous game, and even the 47 included once all of the DLC and free updates had released.

Beyond just the suits, however, today’s reveal also showed off a revised sidequest system, which sees missions and side activities popping up more organically in the world rather than just showing up on the minimap. It also revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will take cues from Grand Theft Auto V in letting you switch between the two characters at almost any point while fiddling about in the open world, which has been expanded to include Brooklyn and Queens, rather than just the Manhattan of the first game.

There’s also mention of Marvel villains who have never been seen before in Spider-Man media, and the trailer seemed to hint at the possible appearance of Mysterio.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is slated to arrive on PlayStation 5 on October 20.

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