Mass Effect 3 Appears on EA Store, Disappears Very Quickly


The evidence that BioWare’s mystery game is Mass Effect 3 just keeps piling up.

A mix up on the EA Store saw a listing for the PC version of Mass Effect 3 appearing for a short period of time, before being hurriedly yanked down when someone realized the mistake. The listing is the second time someone has seemingly accidentally mentioned Mass Effect 3 recently, with the first coming from the PlayStation Russia Twitter feed.

The listing featured placeholder box art, with just the game’s title on the front, and a short description which sounds eerily similar to Dragon Age: Orgins’ plot, except with a sci-fi flavor, rather than fantasy. In Mass Effect 3, the Reapers have launched a devastating attack on Earth, home world of the human race. Only an alliance of the various races in the galaxy, lead by stalwart hero Commander Shepard, stands a chance of defeating the Reapers and taking back the planet.

It seems more and more likely that BioWare’s big reveal at the Spike Videogame Awards is Mass Effect 3. The above description fits together very neatly with the ruined landscape in last month’s teaser trailer. That’s before you take into consideration the more cryptic clues that pointed towards the Mass Effect universe, like the reference to Vostock station, which is where the lowest temperature on earth was recorded, as well as a solar system in Mass Effect. Not all the clues make sense yet, but I’d imagine that they will when we see the whole trailer on Saturday.

Source: Destructoid

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