You’ll be able to play Mass Effect 3 at launch, no matter what your home gaming platform of choice is. Well, unless it’s a Wii.

For quite some time, BioWare’s Mass Effect was one of the crown jewel Xbox 360 (and Windows) exclusives that Microsoft was able to hold over PS3 owners – that is, until BioWare announced that Mass Effect 2 would be hitting the PS3 in January 2011.

There may have been a year-long delay between the Microsoft release of ME2 and its debut on the PlayStation, but according to BioWare there won’t be any such delay with the recently-revealed Mass Effect 3.

“At BioWare, we are always driving ourselves to improve and I firmly believe our best work is still ahead of us,” said BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka in a press release. “We could not be prouder of the team’s accomplishments with Mass Effect 2, and are excited and humbled by all of the recognition the game has received so far. We can’t wait to show you what the team is doing to make Mass Effect 3 an even bigger success.”

If you’re a determined Xbox 360 fanboy, though, you could try to make the case that this gives PS3 owners one less year to perfect their ME2 saves before porting them in to ME3. We’d probably all see through it, though.

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