BioWare’s incessant teasing over the past month has been for Mass Effect 3, and thank heaven for that.

The recent BioWare teaser saga that began with a brief glimpse at a mysterious project that was to be revealed at the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards has led to the reveal of Mass Effect 3 instead of the longtime coming videogame adaptation of Space Jam that I thought it’d be, which is better, I guess. We all knew Mass Effect 3 was in development, but now we know it’ll be released in the holiday season of 2011.

A trailer shown at the VGAs mostly explains all of BioWare’s teasers, including the curious reference to the band that wrote London Calling. It turns out that all of the references were pointing toward a trailer that takes place in London itself, where the last bastion of Earth’s defense forces, or at least one guy, may be holding out. Yeah, apparently Mass Effect‘s Reapers have come to Earth and killed off the world’s forces and millions of people in just a week.

A soldier shown in a leaked image wasn’t aiming to kill a woman and child, but to kill their attacker. The soldier saves the civilians and mentions that only Shepard can save Earth by “bringing help,” but from who is unknown, because the planet is in terrible shape. Mass Effect is apparently getting darker than ever with its third entry.

Nothing is mentioned in the trailer about the rumored possibility of multiplayer, so this is still unconfirmed. We do know that Shepard has a big task ahead of him, as he’ll likely need more than a few friends this time to take out the massive Reaper army.

As for that fish, I think BioWare was just being a jerk.

UPDATE: BioWare has confirmed Mass Effect 3 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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