Massive Assault Network 2, the most recent addition to the Massive Assault series, is now available on the digital distribution site.

In the game, players square off against one another in turn-based strategy featuring land, air and naval combat, incorporating balanced units, the “Secret Allies” concept developed over other titles in the series, and near-limitless replayability. Developed by, previous games in the series include Massive Assault, Massive Assault Network and Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance.

“As big fans of the Massive Assault series – you can find the original for sale at – we’re excited to add M.A.N. 2 to our product lineup,” said Brian Clair, Director of Publishing at Stardock Entertainment, the company behind “This game is a great buy for strategy fans – especially those who like turn-based games.”

Victor Kislyi, CEO at, added, “ Inc. is very pleased to continue our relationship with Stardock and They have served as an ideal digital distribution partner for Massive Assault, and we look forward to continued success with our ‘easy-to-learn, hard-to-master’ title, Massive Assault Network 2.” currently offers over 75 titles for sale, including Stardock’s own Galactic Civilizations games. Massive Assault Network 2 can be purchased via for $9.95.

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