If a domain registration means anything, Microsoft might make players stand up to play the next Halo title.

The world of Halo could take a huge turn now that Bungie has left Microsoft for Activision. A Microsoft domain registration hints that the company is preparing a future Halo title that will use the extremely popular Kinect device.

The registration is for, and was evidently handled by a legitimate registrar also responsible for and the recently revealed and Whether or not these registrations actually mean anything is up in the air.

Kinect Halo is a pretty boring name, so I doubt it’d be the final title for whatever Halo game 343 Industries is currently working on. Still, it gets the point across. It’s a Halo game that uses Kinect.

If Microsoft wants the hardcore Xbox 360 audience to embrace its motion device, there’s no better way than to force them to buy a Kinect to be able to play a new Halo title. If I had my druthers, anything Halo that uses Kinect would be one of the Kinect-controller hybrids Microsoft once referred to.

What do you think? Is this just Microsoft covering its bases, or does it dare to make the next Halo game require head nodding or hand waving to play? Such a move could turn the hardcore community onto Kinect, or it could make them despise its existence with all of the fury in their hearts.

Source: Gaming Reloaded, via CVG

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