Stellar Jockey’s mech game Matador will feature permadeath and “semi-random” events to keep the game tough and challenging.

One of the sad facts of the video game world is that there just aren’t enough isometric mech combat games. Go ahead and try to name a few off the top of your head. Sure you have Front Missions and your Mechwarrior 3050, but recent years haven’t really produced all that many notable games with an isometric view and giant robots doing what giant robots do best.

Matador, in turn, might just be the correction to that problem we’ve been waiting for. A product of the indie studio Stellar Jockeys, Matador aims to offer an isometric mech combat experience complete with roguelike permadeath, “semi-randomized challenges”, and destructible environments. “Progression comes through unlocking new options and equipment for the next run,” says the studio’s website. “There is no XP, there are no saves. When you die, start over and try, try again.”

With Matador‘s reveal trailer having just recently been released, it’s probably too soon to call this one a must buy. That said, if you’re a fan of top-down-at-an-angle action or just fall into that category of gamers who just love to blow stuff up with kick-butt mechs, you might want to keep Matador in your sights going forward.

Source: Stellar Jockeys

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