MCU’s Black Panther Looks Downright Comic Book in Official Art – Update


Marvel has wasted no time in revealing its cinematic universe’s take on the hero Black Panther.

Update: Some additional details have emerged from today’s event. In brief:

  • Kevin Feige strongly hinted that Andy Serkis is indeed playing Klaw, a longstanding Black Panther villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Badass Digest reports.
  • Related to that, it’s been confirmed that Wakanda is a setting in Avengers 2.
  • Feige also confirmed that Black Panther will be a significant part of Captain America: Civil War.

Original Story: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige pulled the lid clean off of the company’s big jar of secrets today, unveiling a slew of new movies that will make up the Marvel cinematic universe’s third phase of films. The lineup included a number of new titles, among which will be a new franchise starring the Wakandan superhero Black Panther.

Simply titled, Black Panther, the film, according to Marvel, will star actor Chadwick Boseman in the titular role of T’Challa, aka: the Black Panther. Boseman previously earned acclaim for his portrayal of baseball player Jackie Robinson in the sports biopic 42. He’s also performed in recent films like Draft Day and Get On Up.

As for Black Panther himself, there’s little telling yet exactly how closely Marvel intends to follow the character’s comic book history. Hailing from Wakanda, a fictional, resource-rich African nation in which “vibranium” is mined, Black Panther is the alter ego of T’Challa, king and guardian of the country. If this poster is any indication however, the film will at least be extremely faithful to his costume.

Source: Marvel

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