Gaming website MCV upgrades with a slew of new features and a slick new style.

Intent Media relaunched MCV, a popular online gaming site, with a new look and “Web 2.0” feel to serve as a one-stop portal for video game news and analysis. As part of the site’s partnership with its sister print publication, each issue of the magazine will be available as a free PDF on the new website every week. MCV has increased its focus on company content, giving users the ability to track press releases, game release dates and industry topics covered in editorials.

Stuart Dinsey, Managing Director at Intent Media, said, “Our vision for has never changed. But it’s only now that the technology exists to allow us to fully develop the site as we’ve always intended. We’ve invested a significant amount of money in making it the essential online news service and resource for the entire games industry, in a way which allows us to complement the content of the weekly print publication.

“The battle between print and online has been raging for some time, but we’re in the unique position of having the content and bandwidth to service both very different propositions. MCV and complement each other so uniquely, we’re confident it’ll prove the de facto destination for everyone in the games industry.

“The investment doesn’t end here. This is just stage one of the site. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be launching a whole host of new services, designed to keep at heard of the games business.”

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