MDK2 Goes HD

MDK2, BioWare’s cult-classic third-person shooter, is getting the HD treatment in a remake that comes out tomorrow.

To most gamers, BioWare is synonymous with epic, overwrought RPGs, but way back in the day – the year 2000, to be precise – it created the bizarre shooter MDK2 for Interplay. The game focused on the action-packed adventures of Kurt Hectic, a janitor forced to fight off an alien invasion, a robotic six-legged dog with a gun fetish named Max, and Max’s creator and all-around mad scientist, the old, weird Dr. Fluke Hawkins.

I don’t think you could call it a big hit, but any game that includes anthropomorphic dog with a lust for violence and an atomic toaster firearm is okay in my books and apparently in Beamdog’s too. The digital distributor, through its Overhaul Games division, is on the cusp of releasing MDK2 HD, a hi-def do-over of the original game.

“Our crack team of commando developers have gone over every surface in the game with a steam cleaner, a paintbrush, and a laser cutter to make it as shiny and spectacular as possible,” Overhaul said. “Your brain literally* won’t be able to tell the difference between the world of MDK2 HD and reality!”

MDK2 HD comes out October 12 – yes, that’s tomorrow – exclusively for the PC.


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