Mech Deck Aims to Smash Kickstarter Goal With (Miniature) Giant Robots


<Mech Deck‘s needs $75,000 to produce modular miniatures that will allow players to custom-build their own combat robots.

In the realm of pop culture, there are very few firm, unbending truths. Different people, different places, different circumstances; there’s no end to the variables that can determine if a piece of entertainment succeeds or fails. That said, if humanity’s collective history has taught us anything, it’s that there’s at least one rule viewers, readers and gamers can almost always count on. Giant robots make everything better.

Don’t believe us? Why you don’t you go ahead and take a peek at the crowdfunding campaign for Mech Deck to see what we mean. Launched on Kickstarter just a few days ago, it’s seeking funds to produce a tabletop game based entirely around the awesome-factor of giant robots blowing each other to smithereens. Designed for two-to-four players, the game tasks them with piloting a giant mech on a randomly generated map of hex-based terrain. Using their abilities and tactical cards, players need to dominate the battlefield and defeat their opponents.

Where things get really cool however, is with the mechs themselves. Rather than just giving players a collection of pre-designed units to choose from, Mech Deck will instead provide them with a collection of parts that can be used during a pre-game drafting session to build a custom mech tailored to each player’s battle style. Each of the five parts that make up a mech will, in turn, take individual damage during combat. Parts that take too much damage will be destroyed, lessening a player’s combat abilities. It’s the creators’ hope that this mechanic will lead to a lot of exciting matches and replay value. “Mech Deck was designed from the ground up with synergy in mind,” they wrote on Kickstarter. “You’ll have the opportunity to discover a number of fun and destructive combos through the use of parts and Deck cards.”
If that sounds ambitious, it also comes with a price. Mech Deck‘s campaign is seeking a hefty $75,000 to produce the base game. According to the creators, much of the cost ties directly to its mech-design mechanic. “The connections need to fit snugly together while resisting breakage,” they explained. “This design means the manufacturing process needs to be of higher quality and precision than your typical plastic miniature, which means they cost more to make. The higher quality parts also requires a higher minimum order quantity – thousands instead of hundreds – in order to justify the manufacturing costs.” Even with the price tag being so high though, prospects are looking good for Mech Deck. The game has received a lot of positive response during convention playtests and, just three days after its launch, has already raised more than $11,000. Here’s hoping they’re able to raise the rest.

Source: Kickstarter

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