A multiplayer mech-centered game cast as a re-imagining of the Mechwarrior series has been announced as the final mod to receive Crysis’ pre-SDK support.

MechWarrior: Living Legends, according to its description, will combine elements of existing online first-person shooters that have team and vehicle elements, and take a mixed-arms approach to team-oriented combat involving infantry, mechs and other armor.

The description reads in part:

MWLL depicts the epic struggles between the two umbrella factions of Battletech, “The Clans” and “The Inner Sphere”. Maps typically have a mix of vehicles and infantry combat, using both of these to complete objectives as a team will be essential to winning rounds or campaigns in MWLL. In the project we will be bringing some of the legends of “MechWarrior” franchise back to life with new art and animations that do justice to these huge weapons of war and also do something that’s never been done before using the deep universe of Battletech.

The mod team boasts 20 members, but only a few rendered models have been released so far, and the release date is tentatively estimated at one year from now. Though no small number of ambitious game mods have died ignominious deaths, the team says it is committed to seeing the release through.

Source: Crymod, MechWarrior: Living Legends

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