Meet the Team Question for Issue 66


Each week we ask a question of our staff and featured writers to learn a little bit about them and gain some insight into where they are coming from.

This week’s question is:

Who’s your favorite mythological character and why?

Shannon Drake, “The Lexicon of Latin”

Ziggy Stardust.

Tom Rhodes, “The Great Continue Screen in the Sky”

He’s not a mythological character per se, but his name is Zeus, and he stole my girlfriend. Why, Jessica, WHY?!

Allen Varney, “My Hindu Shooter”

Superman: A conception I consider iconic, idealistic and powerful on many levels. Oh, you wanted classical mythology? Hmmm … I’m partial to non-maliciously trickster figures, who do good and get ahead through wily intelligence. So: Coyote, Reynard the Fox, Puck … Check the Wikipedia list of trickster figures.

Roger Travis, “Bungie’s Epic Achievement”

My favorite mythological character is Amphiaraus, one of the seven against Thebes who attempted to sack Oedipus’ famously screwed-up city (they didn’t manage it, but their sons came back and finished the job later). In Aeschylus’ tragedy called, strangely enough, Seven Against Thebes, Amphiaraus, who’s been tricked into going on an expedition he knows is doomed (he happens to be a seer), carries a blank shield, because, writes Aeschylus, “He wishes not to seem, but to be, best.”

Kyle Orland, “Back Story”

I’ve always felt a special bond with Cerberus, the hound of Hades. We both live in a dark underworld … we both have three heads … Wait, can I change my answer?

JR Sutich, Contributing Editor

Lipstick lesbians.

Russ Pitts, Associate Editor

Tough call. My favorite is probably Achilles. I like the reluctant hero types.

Joe Blancato, Associate Editor

Bacchus, mostly for the Bacchanalia.

Jon Hayter, Producer

Captain Picard. ‘Nuff said.

Julianne Greer, Executive Editor

Eris. She was a “lesser goddess” but the goddess of discord. She was the pot-stirrer. You know the Trojan War? Yeah, Eris did that because someone snubbed her.

Now, we put the question to you: Who’s your favorite mythological character?

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